The West Gate Tower combines with the ancient and historic Selskar Abbey to be the perfect setting to understand the historical development of Wexford. 
Situated in the heart of a Viking and Norman walled town, the centre holds a 52
seat audio-visual theatre with a spectacular presentation on the history of
Wexford Town.
Upstairs in the tower there are beautiful Norman rooms and a fine battlement walk to the Abbey. Walking tours of Wexford Town are available.

The Westgate is unique in that it is the only authentic part of medieval town
defence in Ireland which tourists can visit.

Opening hours may vary according to the time of year and you should check opening and closing times to ensure that you have time for a satisfactory visit.

Average length of visit: 1 hour

The Westgate in Wexford is the only remaining medieval gateway into this historic fortified town. King Henry the second ordered the fortification of the town during
his visit in 1172. On his death, the town wall, only half completed, fell into decline.
During the 14th Century, after many Knights had returned 

from the Third Crusade, the building of the wall was completed, including the Westgate.

The Coach House houses the Westgate Interpretative Centre on the ground floor and an exhibition space on the first floor with access to the Town and timber walkway along the medieval wall. This leads the visitor into the adjacent St. Selskar Abbey.
In the Interpretative Centre, there is fixed seating for 52 persons, reception area and toilets. A 'Nyne' projector and sound system have been installed with a computer controlled audio visual system which runs a 20 minute programme on the history of Wexford from earliest times.