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There are five ancient burial grounds in the town, with each having a history and
origin of its own.
Saint Michael's Church (situated near The Faythe in Wexford Town) was used
by the Norsemen, who held the Archangel Michael in high esteem as he
represented a heavenly warrior. It has been said that they used it as a type of
landmark or beacon, that is to say, it was the last thing on land they could see
when leaving Wexford by sea and the first on their return.
Saint Patrick's graveyard contains the remains of many of the Cromwellians
and the remains of the dead from the 1798 rebellion. This graveyard is located at
the end of High Street near the town centre.
Saint Mary's burial ground located near the old military barracks contains the
remains of many of the military men and was is use up to the time of the building
of the Twin Churches in 1858.
Saint John's graveyard, situated near John Street, is also of great historical
interest. It contains the remains of John Edward Redmond who was a renowned
orator and Irish parliamentary leader.
Wexford Borough Council also manages a graveyard across the bridge from the town called
Crosstown which has over 6,300 grave spaces. 
This burial ground was originally opened in 1892 and is still in use today.
The figures below are a breakdown of the number of burials for the last number of
years :
            1995 : 132            1996 : 136            1997 : 155