A feature of Wexford urban landscape
improvement has been the involvement of
resident groups. This is particularly so in the
case of grass-cutting, where groups are
grant-aided in the purchase of a mower. 
They can then maintain the grass to a standard
they choose, rather than rely on the surprisingly
meagre resources of the Authority.
The Park and Open Spaces Section plays its part
by trying to have examples of summer colours

Redmond Park, Wexford

within sight of visitors to town, by supplying bedding plants to  organised groups
for planting in local and public ground and so on. They also liaise with resident
groups and others interested in a partnership approach to enhancing the town
We believe in leading by example. The grounds of the Municipal Buildings are
admired by native and visitor alike.
Wexford Corporation Caravan Park
The Caravan Park is situated in Ferrybank next to the Swimming Pool complex.
There are 130 pitches here of which 52 are hard pitches. Over 16,000 visitors are
recorded in this park annually. The facilities available to users include toilets and
showers, a laundry room, a television room and a recreational hall.
Chemical toilets and power points are also available.
The caravan park in Ferrybank is the only caravan park owned by a local authority
that is Bord Failte approved.
The authority also has the approval of the ADAC, AA, RIAC, RAC, and the ANWB.
To cater for such large numbers of tourists utilising the facilities, a play-ground
area is provided adjacent to the Caravan Park. 
The park is ideally located with the panoramic view of Wexford.

Wexford Corporation was the first Local Authority in Ireland
to utilise Automatic Public Convenience (APC) units in its
Because of their compact design they can be sited anywhere.
The idea to use APCs in Wexford cam during a visit to the
twin town of Coueron in France, and the Local Authority
decided to implement similar machines in the Wexford Town
A major urban renaissance development in the Wexford area
resulted in old toilets being replaced by modern automatic
public conveniences in Church Lane Car Park. 
Another is sited in the urban renewal development at
Redmond Square.

The average annual revenue from the APC is 6,000.